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              Meeting industry challenges
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              Nordson YESTECH

              Our newly upgraded YESPC software now includes enhanced functionality in pareto charts that allows the user to drill down to defect and false call images. The advanced technology X3 automated x-ray inspection system (AXI) provides electronics manufacturers 3D inspection capability for fast and complete inspection of double sided PCBs with BGAs and other critical solder joints.----------------------------------------------------------- Electrolube

              Our establishedSafewash cleaning range is part of the most effective group of water-based cleaners available on the market and is currently in use by many major manufacturers worldwide. It is designed for the removal of a wide range of residues and contaminants from printed circuit boards, with all types of application methods, including dishwasher, in-line pressure systems, ultrasonic and spray under immersion.----------------------------------------------------------- Assembleon

              Thanks to the new Twin Placement Robot (TPR), our A-Series can handle high speed chip and IC shooting on a single platform. This extra IC placement speed brings important savings to equipment manufacturers. It means you just need one machine ? so eliminating the need for separate line balancers ? to place both ICs and chips-----------------------------------------------------------Siemens Electronics Assembly Systems

              SIPLACE SX is the worlds first placement machine with rail-mounted gantries that can be added or moved within only minutes. A major benefit of this new machine is that the customer pays only for what he actually needs. Despite being only 1.5 meters long, the SIPLACE SX provides space for 120 8mm feeder modules. ----------------------------------------------------------- Siemens Electronics Assembly Systems

              The VisionXS convection reflow soldering equipment features minimal distance between the nozzle sheets and the conveyor, as well as separately adjustable flow rates for the upper and lower heat zones. This assures that PCBs are heated uniformly, minimizing thermal stress and reducing related soldering defects.

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