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              CyberOptics將在NEPCON South China 上展出SE 300 Ultra? 3-D 焊膏檢查儀
              來源: emasia-china.com作者: Kenny Fu時間:2019-11-27 14:20:49點擊:8543

              CyberOptics Corporation announced that it will highlight SE 300 Ultra, its industry-leading 100 percent 3-D solder paste inspection system, in booth 2D21 at the upcoming NEPCON South China exhibition and conference, scheduled to take place August 29 through September 1, 2006, at the Shenzhen Convention Exhibition Center in Shenzhen, China. This new generation in-line, 100 percent inspection system takes the SE 300 to the next level.

              SE 300 Ultra provides accurate, repeatable results at speeds that keep up with increasing line cycle times. ?The SE 300 Ultra incorporates the field-proven technology and reliable features of the SE 300 along with new features.Offering ultra-fast inspection speeds, the system features a conveyor that accommodates panel sizes from 101 x 35 mm (4 x 1.4) to 508 x 508 mm (20 x 20), flexible conveyor rail options ― rear or front-fixed rail, program call-up using a bar code reader, and the ability to read skip marks and exclude data from inspection results.

              Additionally, the SE 300 Ultra provides the ability to handle odd-shaped pads, superior paste height accuracy (each measurement calculated using 200k reference points) and an XML file format output for easy integration to shop floor control systems. The Ultra also features paste height, area and volume measurements with Gage R 10 percent. During 2006, new features have been added to the inspection system, including technology-leading 01005 pad inspection capabilities, enhanced warp compensation for flexible circuits , easy-to-use Operator Interface and Defect Review, and conveyor auto-width adjustment capability.

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