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              Indium NF260第三次贏得業界大獎
              來源: emasia-china.com作者: Kenny Fu時間:2019-11-27 14:15:18點擊:5287

              Indium Corporationrsquo;s NF260 No-Flow Underfill was awarded the 2006 EM Asia Innovation Award at Nepcon Shanghai, China. Sponsored by EM Asia Magazine, the Innovation Award recognizes, rewards, and celebrates excellence in the Asian electronics industry.Indiumrsquo;s NF260 No-Flow Underfill has also earned the Global Technology Award at Productronica in November 2005 and the Vision Award at APEX in February 2006.

              NF260 is the worldrsquo;s first Reworkable, Air Reflowable, Pb-Free No-Flow Underfill. ?This remarkable product delivers increased reliability one order of magnitude over the leading competitor and two orders of magnitude over not using an underfill. CSP reliability is enhanced by addressing joint cracking due to brittle Pb-Free alloys, and reduced joint size due to miniaturization.

              It also provides cost savings and improved performance. Designed for Pb-Free assembly, NF260 is fully compatible with the SMT process and offers a wide process window to accommodate solder reflow and underfill curing. The underfill curing is completed in one reflow pass and no post-cure is required. NF260 saves money by utilizing existing automated equipment and by enabling processing in typical Pb-Free reflow profiles.

              It promotes excellent wetting, low-voiding, and durability in thermal cycling.It also provides the necessary strength to withstand the most rigorous drop tests, including surpassing endurance expectations, with no failures after more than 450 drop tests.Under similar conditions, unfilled soldered connections typically fail after fewer than 10 drops. ? NF220 is also available for SnPb applications.

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