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              Alpha和其分銷商Kosme Host成功舉辦學術研討會
              來源: fbe-china.com作者: Kenny Fu時間:2019-11-17 21:12:32點擊:4117

              Alpha, the world leader in the production of electronic soldering materials, presented its advanced technical solutions at the recent customer seminar hosted by Kosme, an Italian distributor partner of Alpha. The event, held on the 7th of November at Kosmes Padua site, was attended by over 40 people from 22 different companies across a varied range of professions, such as designers, production managers, process engineers, quality engineers and purchasing agents.

              The topics and technical solutions covered at the event were a direct result of customer feedback and were aimed to educate participants on how to optimize screen printing stencil design, how to increase solder strength reliability and to explain the issue of ionic contamination.

              Alphas Donato Casati and Kosmes Ing Zambelli both agreed the seminar was a great success. The Alpha Academy Seminar provided customers up-to-date technical information on a variety of topics to help assist them in choosing the correct solution and products for their soldering applications, Casati commented.

              The event included presentations by Alphas Donato Casati and Sandro Crivellaro who discussed a variety of topics including how to achieve robust and reliable solder joints by using ALPHAreg; Exactalloyreg; Tape and Reel Preforms, the latest on low silver alloys and information on total ionic contamination. Part of the course material was prepared by Alphas Global Technical Expert, Gilbert Renaud, one of the worlds leading experts on soldering and printed circuit boards.

              Additional material was presented by guest speakers from Preventlab srl, a PCB Manufacturer that provides expert lab analysis and Datapaq, a manufacturer of temperature profiling systems, data loggers and temperature analysis software for industrial heating processes. Alpha and Kosme have enjoyed a successful partnership for many years, with Kosme distributing Alpha products across Italy. Kosme also regularly hosts workshops and training seminars for its customers to provide up to date information on the latest innovations in soldering technology.

              For more information on events and seminars held at Kosme, please visit www.kosmesas.it.

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