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              SMART Group將在MTC舉辦3D AOI研討會,聚集神話揭密與新技術
              來源: fbe-china.com作者: Kenny Fu時間:2019-11-15 21:07:45點擊:10410

              SMART Group, Europes largest technical trade association focusing on surface mount and related technologies, announces that it will present Advances in AOI Technology: 3D AOI, Exploding the Myths and Looking at New Technology, a full-day event on Tuesday, 2nd December 2014 from 0930 to 1600 at the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) in Anstey Park, Coventry.

              AOI Systems have changed dramatically in recent years. The industry has gone from very basic 2D image recognition to full 3D systems and in between there is 2.5D, pseudo-3D, side cameras, line scan and FOV. This event will bring together many of the key AOI companies that will present their latest technologies and advantages in advanced AOI systems. There are several different approaches and this day will look at them in detail.

              The roster of speakers is varied and includes key industry experts including Keith Bryant, Technology Editor of SMT Today magazine; KK Wee, General Manager of ViTrox Technologies; Gary Leong, AOI Director of ViTrox Technologies; Andy Bonner, Managing Director of YESTECH Europe; Sean Langbridge, European Managing Director of CyberOptics Corp. and Doug Jones, Director of TRI.

              Topics will include: Combining 2D 3D AOI inspection from YESTECH Recently launched advanced AOI technology from CyberOptics Finding lifted leads and missing components with 3D AOI Plus presentations from other leading companies including TRI and MIRTEC The final presentation of the day from SMT Todays Keith Bryant will offer a balanced view of the technology with Keith acting as moderator for a short panel discussion and QA

              This event is ideally suited to any member of staff working in electronics manufacturing and design. 3D technology is changing rapidly within AOI and this event will allow those looking to upgrade their systems to get access to the latest technology and to evaluate the different approaches of the major players in the industry. This seminar also will benefit companies that want to enter AOI for the first time.

              The cost for the one-day seminar is 85 + VAT for members; 175 + VAT for non-members. This price includes tea, coffee, lunch and full access to all copies of the presentations immediately after the event. Additionally, tabletop exhibition space is available: 350 + VAT for members; 500 +VAT for nonmembers.

              For more information or to reserve your place(s), contact Paula at info@smartgroup.org or +44 (0)208 4322741.

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