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              Epicor Software Corporation, a global leader in business software solutions for manufacturing, distribution, retail and services organizations, today introduced its new System Backup Recovery solution, which offers customers an affordable and comprehensive solution to ensure their Epicor enterprise resource planning (ERP)systems are readily available in case of major system issues or disaster.

              Designed with small and mid-sized businesses in mind, the solution provides midsized customers with an alternative to traditional backup and recovery solutions that can be overly complex and priced out of reach. With Epicor System BackupRecovery solution, customers pay a minimal set-up fee and a monthly fee based on the number of Epicor users. Additional fees are assessed only in the event that a customer needs the failover system brought on-line. The solution is available to Epicor ERP, Epicor Vantage, orEpicor Vista customers running Microsoft SQL Server.

              ERP Systems Often Left Vulnerable, Exposing Organizations to Devastation

              Despite ERP systemsrsquo; widespread recognition as the backbone of business operations, they are often left vulnerable, exposing organizations to devastating productivity losses and missed opportunities due to system downtime. While it varies according to industry segment, it is estimated that every hour of downtime can cost businesses thousands, and even millions of dollars. Also organizations can face penalties and sanctions for non-compliance with regulatory and shareholder requirements for business continuity.

              Backup and restoration can assist organizations in addressing compliance requirements as well as reducing operational risk, a growing concern for businesses today. In a joint Forrester Research and Disaster Recovery Journal survey, 82% of Business Continuity decision-makers and influencers feel that their organizationrsquo;s risk level is increasing. The top risks are an increasing: 1) reliance on technology;

              2) business complexity; and, 3) frequency and intensity of natural disastershellip; These perceptions map to business reality; as in the past five years, more than 60% of companies invoked Business Continuity plans at least once, and more than one-quarter invoked these plans three or more times. 1

              Real-time Backup Service and Turnkey Recovery Solution

              The Epicor System Backup Recovery solution utilizes proven technology and all software and data are stored in a secure off-site Tier III data center. The turnkey solution encompasses installation, configuration, monitoring and emergency response. A copy of the customer;rsquo;s Epicor ERP version is stored on-line and a software agent is installed on their Epicor ERP server. Next, a secure connection is made between the customerrsquo;s server and the Epicor enterprise-class data center to support data backup and failover. On a continuous basis, data from the customerrsquo;s on-premise Epicor ERP database is backed up in real-time to the Epicor data center and monitored 24/7. In the event a customer needs the failover system brought on-line, Epicor provides access to the system and critical data within two to four hours, depending on number of users and other various factors.

              ldquo;Any amount of downtime can be severely damaging to a businessrsquo; bottom line and its reputation,rdquo; said Malcolm Fox, vice president, product marketing at Epicor. ldquo;When a businessesrsquo; ERP system goes down, or in the event of a disaster, data and productivity must be restored as quickly as possible. Where every second counts, the Epicor System Backup and Recovery solution provides a turnkey solution to support business continuity.rdquo;

              Epicor System Backup Recovery solution is provided by the Epicor Managed Services team of more than 60 experienced team system architects, application and technical support experts. The Epicor Backup  Recovery solution is supported 24/7/365 days a year from 3 global operation centers.

              [1] Forrester Research, Inc., ldquo; Build The Always-On, Always-Available Extended Enterprise,rdquo; Stephanie Balaouras and Rachel A. Dines, Aug. 8, 2012

              About Epicor Software Corporation

              Epicor Software Corporation is a global leader delivering inspired business software solutions to the manufacturing, distribution, retail and services industries. With 40 years of experience serving small, midmarket and larger organizations, Epicor has more than 20,000 customers in over 150 countries. Epicor enterprise resource planning (ERP), retail management software, supply chain management (SCM), and human capital management (HCM) enable companies to drive increased efficiency and improve profitability. With a history of innovation, industry expertise and passion for excellence, Epicor provides the single point of accountability that local, regional and global businesses demand. The Companyrsquo;s headquarters are located in Dublin, California, with offices and affiliates worldwide. For more information, visit www.epicor.com.

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